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Hello! I'm Liz- an NHS Transitional Care Baby Nursery Nurse and FEDANT accredited Antenatal & Postnatal Birth & Parent Coach - delivering Antenatal & Postnatal Classes and Private one-to-one support for families in Chichester.
I'm deeply passionate about empowering expectant parents with all the information they need for birth and beyond.
Brilliant antenatal and postnatal education is the single most important investment you can make as an expectant parent- trust me you will never regret it!  
With over 20 years experience supporting new babies and parents within the NHS and as a mum of 3 children- you'll feel the benefit of my collective personal and professional insight and wisdom.

My classes and one-to-one private sessions are truly balanced and will help prepare you for all types of birth and feeding journeys as well as how to care for your precious new baby. I can support you at home or within group classes. I offer postnatal one to one support at home which can be a lifeline in those sleep deprived early days- particularly if you don't have access to local support from family.
Importantly I will gently support you as a parent or together as parents as you transition into parenthood. Your wellbeing is just as important to me as your babies and I pride myself in tailoring my care to ensure you feel truly supported both before and after birth.
No question is ever too big or too small.
Please do get in contact if you'd like to discuss which format might work best for you. I can't wait to welcome you!  

                                                Get Prepared. Feel Empowered. BE READY!

   Liz   xxx

Classes & Private Support

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