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Early Days Support- For Everyone. First, second, third time + parents in your home


We all need a helping hand - especially after the birth of a baby.

There are a number of ways in which I can help support you which we can discuss and bespoke to your requirements.


These are the things I can help with:


- Support in caring for your newborn: feeding, sleeping, bathing

- Feeding- breast, bottle or combination feeding- I will support you whatever your choice

- Supporting whilst a partner returns to work- let me look after you! I can hold the baby whilst you shower or nap, im happy to entertain a sibling

- Positive wellbeing- transitioning into parenthood is wonderful but tough at times- I can help you promote and protect your positive wellbeing


I can come and support you for a few hours a day, few days a week or for a few weeks- lots of options and we can have a chat to work out what would work best.


Please note I charge £40 per hour.

Total price provided on enquiry

Simply get in touch here and we can discuss how I can help.


Private Postnatal Support

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